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Dan and Ian love receiving emails from listeners of this show. They don’t always have time to respond :( but one recently caught their attention.

The message was from listener Jay Clouse.

Jay wrote that he was struggling with some of the common issues that early-stage entrepreneurs face. Jay recently left his position at a tech startup and has started a new business facilitating mastermind groups.

Rather than email him back, Dan and Ian decided it might be fun to call Jay and talk about some of his challenges ‘live’ on the show.

This episode might be useful for those who are just starting a business. For more experienced entrepreneurs, we hope you’ll stick around and maybe share some of your own advice for Jay, and people like him, in the comments section.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Jay decided to leave a product management role to pursue his own business. (3:25)
  • Some of the bigger problems that Jay is facing in his business today. (5:50)
  • Why you need to consider the needs of the market if you are trying to create a lifestyle business. (19:10)
  • The benefits of building an organization rather than raising your rates as a freelancer. (27:20)
  • Why being honest with yourself is the most important part of this process. (38:37)

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