TMBA403: Why Honesty is the Best Policy When Growing a Team

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On today’s show, Dan and Ian are going to talk to an entrepreneur whose business is absolutely on fire.

Nathan Barry is the founder and CEO of ConvertKit, an email marketing program for bloggers. ConvertKit currently has 28 employees, and is turning over 9 million dollars in annual recurring income.

Nathan has built a long and storied reputation of boldly confronting and analyzing the challenges of entrepreneurship through his blog at

In this week’s episode, Nathan talks about one particular ‘challenge’ that he is facing right now, which many entrepreneurs would love to have.

How do you create a company culture when your team is growing at a remarkable pace? It turns out the answer is good, old-fashioned honesty.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How ConvertKit almost closed its doors before it had any success. (4:10)
  • Why building a culture is important when working with a remote team. (8:56)
  • Some of the common struggles that arise when scaling your team. (20:56)
  • Why it’s important to seek out the things that people are afraid to say. (24:14)
  • How to set up a successful profit sharing model with your team. (28:03)

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