TMBA537: How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Business?

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The topic of today’s podcast is unavoidable.

We simply have to address one of the biggest stories of our lifetime, the global shutdown brought about by Coronavirus or Covid-19.

The impact that this pandemic has had on lives and businesses around the globe, including our own, has been enormous.

On today’s podcast, Dan and Ian are talking about their decision to cancel DC Austin, which would have brought 150 entrepreneurs from around the globe to the city of Austin, Texas.

You’ll also hear our thoughts on the economic implications of the virus, as well as the challenges and opportunities that such a radical event presents for entrepreneurs everywhere.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The global economic impact of the pandemic. (1:09)
  • What went into our decision to cancel DC Austin. (8:23)
  • How entrepreneurs can create value in a time of uncertainty. (22:10)
  • The things that we have to consider as we face an economic downturn. (26:31)
  • How this crisis could change the way that businesses operate remotely. (34:18)


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