TMBA 042 (LBP42) – [Use at Your Own Risk] Develop a Revenue Stream with the PIVOT Method

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YO! How are you? I’ve been back in the old USA for over one week now and I’m having tons of thoughts about it (its been over a year!) I hope to write a few blog posts about it.

In this episode Ian and I discuss concepts that regular listeners of the show are probably pretty used to hearing from us. We currently have a lot of overhead in our business and we are exploring ways to efficiently deploy our staff to stuff that makes us money.

Last month we had a nice little revenue hit from a new product we developed using what we call PIVOT: Position, Iterate, Volley, Outsource, and Time. If that sounds like a big fat put-on, it kind of is, but we had fun using it as a structure to talk about the way we got this done.

Also there are lots of random little tidbits in this episode plus an impassioned rant during the quick tip section. Interested to hear your thoughts! I’ll be in NYC all next week doin’ some biznass and meeting old friends, if you are around LET ME KNOW HOMIES!

Poolside with Fast WIFI! Weeeeeeeee

Hello from the good old USA, I believe this is our first 100% USA ‘cast in over a year. Yeowwwza! This is a big long episode where we talk about a wide variety of topics. In particular, we talk about why I believe Virtual Staff Finder is currently the best way to get started hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines.

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