TMBA 653: Bangkok, Thailand and DCBKK. We’re Excited.

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The ‘post-COVID’ location independent summer is beginning. We’re seeing more and more posts in the DC forum that begin: ‘Who’s in Medellin this month?’, ‘Anyone in Poland or the Balkans?’.

Traveling and navigating new cities and regions is very much the theme of today’s show, which is a discussion for those thinking of visiting Bangkok, and Thailand in general, later in the year. And, of course, we’re hugely excited for our first DCBKK event in three years, coming in October.

With that in mind we’ve asked Kyla Gardner and Jesse Schoberg – both of whom have lived in Bangkok, and other places in Thailand, and attended a fair few DCBKKs – to share their thoughts.

We’ll cover: places to stay in Bangkok for a great vibe and delicious food, where to consider going after DCBKK, how to manage your time around events like DCBKK, and much more:

“I don’t know whether to advise people to just accept that you really just have to go hard, you’re not going to sleep, you’re going to be exhausted but it’s going to be worth it or advise them to try to take some power naps … it is just so stimulating, so much fun.”

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Where to stay in Bangkok to make your life easier and more enjoyable
  • After DCBKK: Chiang Mai or the islands of the South?
  • Making connections at the event
  • Books to read before you go

Mentioned in the episode:

Before the Exit – Our New Book
Partner With Us
The Dynamite Circle
Dynamite Jobs
Post a Remote Job
Dynamite Deals
Tropical MBA on YouTube
Dynamite Jobs – Remote Recruiting Sales Page
Cal Newport — The Eternal Pursuit of Craftsmanship, the Deep Life, Slow Productivity, and a 30-Day Digital Minimalism
Kyla Gardner
Kyla Sharp
Jesse Schoberg
Drop In Blog
Blade Runner
Sukhumvit Line
The Glass Kingdom by Lawrence Osbourne
Bangkok 8 by John Burdett
The Beach by Alex Garland
Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind by Carol Hollinger
Conrad Bangkok

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