TMBA 156 (LBP133) – Deferred Life Plans and the Action Jackson Strategy

Dan and Ian are making plans to rendevous in Bali again. Dan is still there working on his book, while Ian is in Orlando avoiding the M3 service industry guys and spending time with his family.

Ian’s recent trip to a race prompted a discussion between the guys about deferred life plans. There’s a built in assumption that retirement is worth 30 years of investment, but is that true?

Deferred Life Plans and the Action Jackson Strategy

  • Why you should try retirement now and see if it’s really worth 30 years of investing.
  • If you’re working on something big and you have no idea how it’s going to work out, that may be a good sign you’re pursuing value.
  • Why you should never hide your ideas.
  • More details on why the DC is closing down to new members.
  • The High Friction Honeymoon – how to start a passive income business.
  • The full backstory on the DC and the death of old school marketers.
  • The definitive answer to the age old question – “How long does it take to build a business?”


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Episode length: 27:15


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