TMBA 650: DeFi For The Long Game

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave recently (and if you have, hit us up because we’d love to hear about that), you’ll be aware that crypto has been on a wild rollercoaster recently. As we’ve mentioned before, it is a volatile investment, especially when viewed short term.

But today’s show isn’t about that. It’s about how crypto can be – *insert an important ‘health warning’ here: this is not advice, it’s just thoughts and views – a practical way to fund other things, like buying a house, and even be set as a relatively low ‘management threshold’ investment, as today’s guest did when she had a baby.

Cathryn Lavery is well known in the entrepreneurial community as the  CEO of Best Self which produces stylish and imaginative planning, goal setting, and relationship journals. She talks to Dan about how a painful business break up, in part, lead her to create a practical course for those who want to learn more about investing in crypto, called ‘Zero to DeFi’:

“It was such an emotional drain for me. The crypto stuff, just learning about it and getting into it, was something exciting for me … I didn’t even talk publicly about crypto. Because there’s this vibe of scammy. Like how do you go from  Best Self to talking about crypto …And then, at the end, I was like: screw it I’m just gonna start talking about this. Because I think, as entrepreneurs, we get interested in different stuff. And so if I’m excited about working on something, then hopefully other people are excited about it as well”.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Cathryn ditched becoming an architect for entrepreneurship
  • How a business break-up sent Cathry down the crypto rabbit hole
  • Buying a house by leveraging crypto holdings
  • The value of ‘just in time’ learning

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