TMBA613: Is It Possible to Raise a Family as a Digital Nomad?

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We’ve seen a lot of great conversations take place in our private community The Dynamite Circle as of late.

One of our favorites came in the form of a thread titled “Is Digital Nomadism Possible to Combine With Having a Family?”

While there were many insightful responses in that thread, one member, in particular, caught our attention.

Stephen Ladek is the Principal of E-Learning Advocacy for a company called Open LMS. He’s also a longtime entrepreneur and has lived outside of the United States for 16 years.

Together with his wife Dana, they have raised three children in Hungary, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Mexico.

Stephen joins us this week to talk about what it’s really like to balance parenting with nomadism, and the unique challenges that expat families face around the globe.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Stephen and his wife met and why they decided to become digital nomads. (5:20)
  • The common fears that stop people from considering nomadic life with a family. (10:43)
  • How “Third Culture Kids” differ from children raised in traditional American households. (15:59)
  • The unique challenges that arise when raising teenagers as a nomad. (23:17)
  • Stephen’s advice for people who are considering a nomadic life for their family. (37:28)

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