TMBA 494: The Affiliate Marketing Adventure

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Dan and Ian have heard many variations of the same question over the years: “I want to be an entrepreneur, but how do I get started?”

Today’s guest has some really practical insight into what it means to take the leap into creating your own business.

Dom Wells began, as many do, building affiliate marketing sites.

He’s since gone on to establish several successful spin-off businesses from what was effectively a side hustle, all while still working a full-time job teaching English in Taipei.

This week, Dom joins us to share tips for getting started on the long journey of entrepreneurship, how to build a skillset and a network, and the mistakes that he made along the way.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Dom began his affiliate marketing adventure. (5:26)
  • What kinds of mistakes he was making in the early days of his business. (9:51)
  • What happened when Dom’s business started generating 10k a month in revenue. (25:21)
  • Why Dom decided to sell Human Proof Designs. and what made him want to start his new company, OnFolio. (33:42)
  • Whether affiliate marketing is still a good opportunity for someone starting their entrepreneurial journey in 2019. (43:49)

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Published on 05.23.19

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