TMBA 205 – Dreamline 3.0 – A Simple Approach to Getting What You Want in Life

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After recording this episode it occurred to me that the moment I became an entrepreneur had nothing to do with sales, product development, or legal structures. I became an entrepreneur the day I sat down and defined precisely what it was I wanted in life– and then developed a plan to go and get it.

Today’s episode outlines how you can concretely outline your own dreams and business goals. And for those of you who have already “made it” this is relevant too. As Ian says, you don’t want to get stopped at the “complacency cafe.” :)

On the show this week:

  • Fill out your own Dreamline 3.0.
  • Why dreamlining helps define goals that have no clear and linear path.
  • The power of clearly defining exactly what you want, and the framework to help you get it.
  • Why you shouldn’t share your dreamline with others, particularly friends and family.
  • The importance of regularly evaluating the trajectory of your business and your life.

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Here’s a simple revenue and expense example for completing your dreamline costing.

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