TMBA297: Why You’re Going To Have To Become an Entrepreneur Eventually (So You Might as Well Do It Now)

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This week longtime friend of the show Taylor Pearson drops by to talk about his new book, The End of Jobs. We don’t typically invite guests on to the show to promote their books, but Taylor has had such a huge part in the growth of our product business. His new book also stemmed in part from some discussions that the two of us had after the Dynamite Circle Conference in Bangkok last October. On this week’s episode, we’re gonna talk all about why Taylor decided to write this book, the books that are defining this exciting location-independent movement, and why the jobs that were once considered the safest are now being called into question.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why the traditional career trajectory might not be the smartest choice today.
  • The real difference between having a job and being an entrepreneur.
  • Why the strength of a market is far more important than most people realize.
  • How you can make a $200,000 salary for most of your life and still end up having to become an entrepreneur.
  • How the process of starting a product business has changed in the last ten years.
  • Why Taylor wrote “The End of Jobs” and what he hopes will resonate with its readers.

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