TMBA 023 (LBP23) – One Way Out of the Rat Race, and a Killer Blog Success Story with Sean from

Sean is the recipient of the first paid internship for aspiring digital nomads, The Tropical MBA. As you can tell from the interview, Sean is a super sharp guy and doesn’t need the Tropical MBA to achieve success. Ian and I are really fortunate to be able to work with him for the first semester of the program. Sean brings up tons of awesome principles in the interview. You can find Sean at

Listen to Episode #23.

Some of the topics we talk about:

  • How Sean Quit His Job
  • Remote Work Agreements
  • How Sean Build a Popular Blog and Helpful Community
  • What the scene is like in Bangkok
  • What the Tropical MBA experience has been like
  • How to find focus, time, passion, and excitement in Thailand
  • What it feels like to earn your freedom of time and mobility
  • The relationship between happiness and money
  • How Sean thinks about his future security, retirement, and business prospects

Folks on this episode:

@TropicalMBA (Dan)

@SeanOgle (Sean)

Episode length: 22:02

Listen to Episode #23.


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