TMBA345: You’re a Resident of Where?

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One of the recurring themes on this show is freedom. The freedom to make personal choices. The freedom to travel. The freedom to create a business that allows you to live the lifestyle you choose.

Dan and Ian have spoken to many people about what that freedom means to them but Esther Jacobs has, perhaps, one of the most profound stories about freedom ever to be shared on this show.

Esther is one of the youngest people in the Netherlands ever to be honored with a knighthood. Yet, despite that, Esther was practically disenfranchised and disowned by the very same country that gave her that distinction.

Esther has an unbelievable story, one that carries serious implications for location independent entrepreneurs and long-term travelers all around the world.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What Esther learned from working in the charity world. (6:25)
  • How she ended up being essentially disowned by her own country. (11:31)
  • Why Esther decided not to lie to protect her rights. (17:08)
  • How she feels about her government today. (23:41)
  • Why Esther is excited about the future of the digital nomad movement. (28:26)

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