TMBA361: Contemplations On Five Years of DCBKK

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Dan and Ian are still both recovering from the DCBKK event that they host annually in Bangkok. This year marked its fifth anniversary, so they thought this might be a good moment to reflect on how DCBKK, and those attending, has evolved since its inception.

In this week’s show, they talk about some of the themes of this year’s event, what they learnt and the intimate connection that has formed between TMBA listeners and DCBKK over the years.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How the connection between this podcast and the Dynamite Circle initially formed. (2:24)
  • An idea for a productized service company that Dan donates to the TropicalMBA audience. (4:36)
  • Why distributed teams were a big topic of interest at this year’s DC BKK. (8:27)
  • What it was like having sponsors for DC BKK for the very first time. (16:01)
  • Dan and Ian’s final notes on the fifth anniversary of their event. (20:37)

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