TMBA 671: The Rewards Of Finding Your Niche

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This week Dan is speaking to Andy Morgan, creator of RippedBody, a blog and coaching program targeted at committed but frustrated fitness trainees who have hit a stall in their progress. What’s interesting about Andy’s story is the way he’s found a niche not only in the fitness space but also in the market in Japan.

Andy discusses why he only does bi-weekly email check-in with his clients, how a DC mastermind has prompted him to start hiring coaches, and the methodology behind his successful Instagram strategy:

“The problem was I had too many content possibilities and I couldn’t decide what to create each day. The solution that I came up with was to list the topics that I could talk about, the types of content that I could create and the formats that I could create in and then rotate through them. And so what that did is – it constrained my choices and allowed for tight creativity”.

Listen and Learn:

  • How Andy found his niche in Japan
  • Why his target market only want bi-weekly check-ins
  • Using templates to deliver high quality responses
  • How Andy overcame his resistance to hiring coaches in his business

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