TMBA432: Finish Big – A Conversation with Bo Burlingham

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Dan and Ian announced on last week’s show that they are publishing a new book about the things they wished they had considered before they sold their business.

In researching the topic,they were shocked to find that there were so few people writing stories about the experience of selling businesses. The majority of books were simply focused on trying to get a fair price for your business.

Today’s guest is Bo Burlingham. Bo is the author of several books, including one called Finish Big, which Dan and Ian both wish they would have read before selling their own business. Bo is also a journalist, with over 30 years of experience as a writer and editor at Inc. Magazine.

In today’s episode, Bo shares his stories about interviewing entrepreneurs who have exited their businesses and explains why he believes that there is much more to the process of selling than a simple monetary transaction.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why you have to consider exiting a business as a phase rather than an event. (4:46)
  • How Bo discovered that so many people had regrets about selling their businesses. (11:40)
  • Why a successful exit is about the transition rather than the transaction. (18:09)
  • The questions you can ask yourself early on that will help prepare you for an exit. (27:35)
  • What Bo hopes that other entrepreneurs will take away from his stories. (53:17)

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