One of the Cheapest Ways to Start Your Online Business

I love the idea of baselining your expenses and going into hardcore “start-up” mode. My whole business could blow up in my face and I could stay in a place like this for years before having to get a job. That would give me plenty of time to build another business that could fund a great lifestyle.

If you get settled into a place like Puerto Galera, you could set yourself and your team (!) with nice chairs, double monitors, and really knock-it out.

For $1000.00 US a month you could really live a super lifestyle (if you have a little extra cash) and for $1500.00 a month you could go 100% jet set, flying around to other locations and being semi-nomadic.

My resort owner friend let me know after I recorded my video that my included estimates are very high. He offered another scenario:

  • High end home fully furnished with air con $300
  • Maid/cook/shopping: $200-250.

If you stay for a while you’d want to invest in a really nice chair too!

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