TMBA 144 (LBP127) – Generating Wealth and Re-Considering Retirement for Entrepreneurs

Dan and Ian are homeward bound. Ian just got back San Diego and Dan’s headed to Bali for November to write his first book.

Chiang Mai Sunday Night Street Fair

Both still coming down from the high and energy of DCBKK, they wanted to tackle a tough question on the real meaning of wealth and  entrepreneurship. Everyone knows that society has certain scripts and most people blindly assume the numbers support those. Dan and Ian sit down to look at the facts of a 20 year trajectory for a professional job vs. an entrepreneur and then look at how they and their network got there.

Generating Wealth and Re-Considering Retirement for Entrepreneurs

  • The Best Financial Investment almost no one in the Media is talking about
  • By the numbers: exits from a 100k corporate gig vs. entrepreneurship after 20 years
  • How do entrepreneurs define wealth?
  • Warren Buffett vs. Mark Cuban: The Philosophical Cage Match
  • 10 Years to Compounding Ballerdom
  • A realistic look at entrepreneurial failure


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Episode length: 32:41


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