TMBA261: Systematize Your Selling

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On last week’s episode, our good friend Taylor Pearson mentioned that one of the most universally fundamental traits that all successful entrepreneurs have is sales skills. We’re gonna be talking about how to build that skill set so you can get your first 100 customers. We are also answering a bunch of listener questions about fighting the Amazon beast, how to get the most out of events, and our thoughts on visiting the U.S. after an extended time abroad.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why it is so important to have a support group that understands entrepreneurship.
  • What the “Bullseye Framework” is and how you can use it to gain traction.
  • Why you need to systematize the process of finding customers.
  • When, why and how you should be increasing the price of your product.
  • How to maximize the benefits of attending live events and how to decide which live events to go to.
  • What to do when Amazon comes calling.

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DC Austin Meetup

DC Austin Meetup

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Noah Kagan's Use of the Bullseye Principle

Noah Kagan’s Use of the Bullseye Principle


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