Happy Holidays From the TMBA

This is one of the few weeks of the year that the entire TMBA team doesn’t come together in our virtual office. But I wanted to sneak in to say happy holidays to you.

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And to keep our streak alive.

Since committing to put up a blog post every Tuesday, we’ve stuck to it.

In a busy world, I still make time to open my RSS reader every morning and read blogs. Ian and I love being a part of that.

Blogging gives us space to think through ideas and connect with like-minds in a different way than simply tweeting or recording a podcast.

Got some time to read by the fire this holiday season?

My favorite articles from Ian this year were “The Real Cost of Buying a House” and “You Are Where You Came From.”

My favorite articles to write were “A Beginner’s Guide to Gran Fondos” and “Our Annual Event DCBKK in 25 Photos.”

If you’re looking for a podcast or two, last week we got in the holiday spirit and talked about what we want for Christmas. This coming Thursday, we’ll be doing a review of the highlights of 2016 (here’s one of my sleeper favorites for favorite episode).

Perhaps early in the new year we’ll publish a little bit more about what’s going at the TMBA in 2017.

But, for now, it’s time to kick up our feet by the virtual fire and hang out with friends and family.

Happy holidays and thank you for following along!