TMBA471: The Helsinki Bus Theory

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Dan and Ian really appreciate having return guests on the show.

And it’s become a tradition that every time Dan visits Chiang Mai he touches base with Kevin Graham. You may remember Kevin from a previous episode we released in early 2017.

Then, Kevin joined us to talk about the first major business he co-founded, which was a suite of Amazon Associates affiliate sites.

These days, he has been focusing on a different project; a web hosting business called Bulk Buy Hosting (and now, In particular, he has decided to take a different turn with that business and we invited him on the show to talk about that and his new venture Zone Node.

Kevin also shares why he believes a bus station in Helsinki has a strong connection to a topic that regular listeners will be familiar with  – The 1,000 Day Principle.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What inspired Kevin to explore an entirely new direction with his business. (2:40)
  • The five major “epochs” that make up The 1,000 Day Principle. (11:00)
  • What the “Helsinki Bus Station Theory” is. (12:01)
  • The point that Kevin took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. (20:53)
  • Why entrepreneurs believe they can skip the 1,000 days, and why it almost never works. (39:45)

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