TMBA371: Should Your Next Employee Be a Mom?

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Dan and Ian know that all entrepreneurs struggle with hiring and, specifically, finding great remote team members.

But one thing that they have learned over the years, through listeners of this podcast and members of the Dynamite Circle, is that stay-at-home moms (and dads too) tend to be a really good fit for location independent businesses. So, in this week’s episode, you’ll hear the stories of three women.

Kiri Masters is the founder of Bobsled Marketing. She shares some of her experiences of finding great remote staff, and why that strategy includes seeking stay-at-home parents.

Louise Gray is one one of Kiri’s remote employees. She previously had a successful corporate career, in publishing and then at Sony, before having a baby made her reconsider the way she wanted to work.

Lesley Pyle is the founder of HireMyMom, a well-established agency that helps match U.S. based stay-at-home moms with the businesses that need them.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Kiri thinks stay-at-home moms make good remote employees. (1:01)
  • What made Lesley decide to create HireMyMom. (3:35)
  • How Kiri has approached the hiring process for her business. (10:53)
  • Why Louise chose to leave her corporate job at Sony for a remote position at Bobsled Marketing. (14:50)
  • What advice Louise would give to women who are seeking employment after having their first child. (25:59)

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