TMBA 105 (LBP95) – Hiring Interns Right From The Start

Sunsets On The Yacht Are Done…For Now

With Ian back stateside and Dan back in Bali, the guys have said goodbye (for now) to their time in the Philippines and are back to biznass.

This week, they are chatting about the re-launch of their lifestyle business site, Tropical Work Force. During their time chatting up colleagues and friends in the Philippines, they learned that many entrepreneurs were interested in hiring “interns” of their own to grow their businesses and share their knowledge with.

Having been through this process ten times now, Dan & Ian have quite a bit of experience helping people become location independent while working to grow their companies. Some of the experience is great and some…well…let’s just say they learned a lot.

Overall, they came up with 5 Tips To A Successful Internship

  1. Paid Vs. Unpaid – Put your money where your intern is
  2. Get a commitment – Make the gig full-time
  3. Give them space – Create opportunities for them to network and meet your peers (Apartment, Join you in your house, Dynamite Circle forums)
  4. Ride ’em hard – These folks aren’t your average employee, challenge them and believe you have something to offer
  5. Touch base – No one likes to be micromanaged, but you need to have open communication with your interns

Listener Questions:

New Stuff Popping Up In Travel All The Time

  • Bob Bradley from Wily ManagerMy business partner and I at Wily Manager are both firmly middle aged (mid 40s).  We both have wives and children (probably bona fide “REAL responsibility”).  We both work hard, but we also work on our own terms, which means I can spend lots of time getting involved in my children’s lives and activities, and even travel and live in alternative places.  Currently, I am running my business from Mexico for the next few months where my wife and son are with me. I’m sure there are lots of dreamers out there in the same demographic as me that listen to your podcast.  Let them know that spouses and children are no reason NOT to do what you really want to do.
  •  Earl from Tail Pet Supply – My question is I have a large e-commerce and was wondering if you had any tips for SEO. It has many pet products and categories.. Should I try to optimize each category or pick some product pages.
  • Manuel from ShowSpace If I wanted to relocate to South East Asia (which I do, specifically Chiang Mai), where would be a good place to set up my company?  How much would it cost and how much “hassle” is it (monthly reports etc.)? Are there trustworthy businesses that can help you with the setup?
Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

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Episode length: 23:21


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