TMBA 131 (TTR17) – How We Increased Email Subscribers 257% By Making it Harder to Opt-in

How does a lazy blogger increase their email subscription rate by 257% and in the process get an automatic sales machine working for them and generating sales in their sleep?

Well– you could hire John McIntyre— but for those of you who have teams or willing to do it yourself, we invited John on the show to get the details on how he did it.

It’s also time for us to offer another Tropical MBA internship here at Badladz resort in Puerto Galera, Mindoro (sorry, so much for the “no more interns” thing), so it’s good timing to ask John about his experience here in the Philippines plus the business and skills he’s been building over the past year.

Key points you’ll hear about:

  • Learn the #1 regret of bloggers and online marketers (and what to do about it).
  • Why your readers don’t want to be on your list (and what to do about it).
  • How we increased our email subscriber sign-up rate by 257%
  • Why nobody wants to read your ebook and what to do about it.

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