TMBA 112 (LBP101) – The Insider’s Guide To Thinking Outside The Index

Coming off the euphoric high of 100th Episode bliss, Dan and Ian settled in this week to get back to business making money…for others. That’s right, they’re kicking around some angel investment ideas that would end with a qualified start-up getting some runway to make their lifestyle business dream a reality.

Is an angel investment accelerator worth the time, resource, and money effort or should they just stop pansying around and make some real investments?

In the Meat & Potatoes, Dan takes to the interview seat to chat with Matt Paulson, who has saved the LBP from a fate worse than death – Site Server Error. When Matt isn’t swooping in like a boss to save Dan and Ian, he’s running a web content company that focuses on various consumer and financial websites and newsletters. Matt has managed to build a devoted following that constantly increases with new readers and customers by NOT focusing on his SERP and SEO strategies.

Instead, he thinks Outside the Index and uses unorthodox content oriented strategies to continue to build and grow.

Some of his best Outside the Index strategies include:

  • YouTube and Google image content
  • Content Writers vs. Scraping Content
  • Content Generating Sites like Bing and Yahoo Finance
  • News Search Engines (Not Your Average SERP)

DCers Making Biznass Happen in Berlin

Listener Questions/Comment:

  • Each week I recommend a different podcast to my Master’s students.  I ran across your podcast a couple of months ago, and have become a loyal listener.  I appreciate that fact that you talk about (and see as important) lifestyle ventures.  The majority of entrepreneurship-related podcasts, as you know, focus primarily on technology and Web-based startups.  As a result, I find your podcast to be refreshingly different. ..I find your podcast to be actually more relevant than most because you talk about ventures that are achievable for the majority of people. – Dr. Bruce Barringer, Spears School of Business (Oklahoma State University)


  • Lifestyle Business Podcast is #1 on Flicker of Genius (Yeah Buddy!) – “This is my favorite. Not only is it filled with great information, but it’s like a show: a very funny show. It’s my weekly fix of entertainment.

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Episode length: 27:06


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