Internet Marketers in the Philippines – The Global Meetup and Semester II Begins

The two Tropical Sean’s and myself got together this past week to brainstorm ways to run the next semester of our program and to review the applications in detail. We read every word of every application, and let me just say– the applications were incredible.

I believe the old-school system of resumes and vague credentials like “I went to x college” are dying, and dying fast. The great thing about evaluating candidates for the Tropical MBA is that we can look specifically at what they are currently doing, and evaluate if those types of actions will help our businesses grow.

After a ton of deliberation and days of talk….we’ve selected David from to work with us in Mindoro in the coming months. David is currently mid-way through his first trip around Asia, and he’s an active blogger and programmer. We were impressed by his precise way of thinking and articulating himself. His application was clean and direct. Here’s the kicker: David is already traveling in the Philippines! and he is really enjoying the country. That’s no small factor for this type of location-based position. More than any other candidate David was already running in lock-step with what we were offering– his lifestyle matches up with what will be going on in Mindoro (he’s even a SCUBA enthusiast!).

The days of relying on a degree certification and waiting for a company to give you permission to go out there and get stuff done are over. Just like Sean before him, David is already doing exactly what he wants to do, he doesn’t need us at all. My hope in working with David is that the passion and creativity he’s already poured into creating a great lifesetyle can rub off on my organization and help us to build better businesses.

To all the people who applied– I was truly humbled by the response and quality of the applications. If we could hire everyone who applied we would have one seriously awesome company. The question is, now that we know we have a real demand for this kind of thing, what should we do with it? I don’t have any brilliant ideas at this point, but looking at my inbox is heartbreaking. I want to work with all of you! Anyway…. here’s hoping we can come up with something… we’ll be thinking about it on our end.

Congrats to David, welcome to the Tropical MBA family… we are looking forward to welcoming you to Manila and Mindoro this month :)