TMBA 079 (TTR1) – Welcome to Tropical Talk Radio, The Scene in Bali, and Identifying Peer Groups

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It’s no secret that Ian and I love podcasting. Our heros are people like Howard Stern and Adam Carolla. Their shows (and many other radio programs) helped keep us company while we worked long hours at crappy jobs, and they continue to keep us laughing while we take long plane flights or just a walk around the block.

Over the past few years, our podcast has attracted an audience of high calibre entrepreneurs and professionals. Each episode is downloaded by thousands of individuals (or iTunes clients). So far we’ve created 79 episodes, and received an insane 87 5-star reviews on iTunes. YEAH BUDDY!!!

Tropical Talk Radio Should Be in iTunes This Week

So why create a new podcast?

For a long time now, Ian and I have wanted to produce more shows. We have a lot more to share than 10 to 20 minutes of talk a week. Building businesses is our whole life. This isn’t just a hobby!

We thought about putting out more informal shows at the LBP feed, but were hesitant to mess with the integrity of that show. It’s got a solid format, loyal fans, and a strong focus on highly actionable, useful business information.

With Tropical Talk Radio we’d like to explore a format that allows us to share some more personal thoughts about life, travel, business, and anything else that is on our mind.

We’d also like to share more of our experiences as they happen on the ground. We have interesting conversations with amazing people everyday. Why not start turning on the recorder?

Our goal here is to create a show that focuses a more on entertainment, inspiration, and narrative. It’ll be more about having a good time. Basically, we don’t want to have to live up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves!

I’d also like to warn you, this new podcast will contain very explicit language and content, and will likely reveal facets of our personalties that aren’t as universally palatable. I’m sure we come off as total d-bags to plenty of people– that’s fine, we aren’t going to edit ourselves on this show. Please listen at your own discretion.

 Listen to this podcast episode, and you’ll hear about…

  • The #1 piece of advice Sean Ogle has for anyone looking to get in to the ‘making money form your laptop’ lifestyle.
  • What the scene is like here in Bali, and what kinds of people are coming to hang out with us.
  • The value of building a high quality peer group.
  • The types of businesses that people are building to sustain the lifestyle.
  • Learn how many subscribers Sean thinks a blog needs to have in order to make a full time income for the owner.
  • And more…
  • PS, check out Sean’s fantastic

Episode length: 18:09

[DOWNLOAD MP3 – 18:09]

Thanks for checking it out!! I’d love to hear your feedback. We’ll have an iTunes up and officially “launch” the program later this week.


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