TMBA253: A Bootstrapper’s Thoughts on Intellectual Property

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We’re talking about protecting our intellectual property and business through copyright, trademarks and patents. This stuff can be expensive for entrepreneurs, but it is incredibly important. There are so many reasons a bootstrapping attitude might differ from a more corporate or startup philosophy regarding these issues. We’ll also chat about our upcoming event in Austin, T.X. and why we have decided to sell our cat furniture business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What it costs to patent something, and the cost of defending that patent.
  • Why patents aren’t a form of protection, but rather a form of power.
  • What happens when someone comes after you over a patent dispute.
  • The benefits of trademarking and what that process looks like.
  • Why you should be assuming that people will steal your stuff.

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My Favorite Photo of the Year So Far, My Short Friend!

My Favorite Photo of the Year So Far, My Short Friend!

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