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Established Founders

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries; from physical products and SaaS, to productized services and online courses.

Mastermind Placement

Join an online mastermind to be matched-up in a group of entrepreneurs that have complementary goals and experience.

Online Business Forum

A private, moderated forum to discuss business and lifestyle topics. No jokers. Just serious entrepreneurs looking to share their insight, learn, and support each other.

Local Meetups

DCers host monthly meetups in +10 cities around the world, from Chiang Mai to Barcelona. These meetups are a great opportunity to meet other members in person.

Free Access to Dynamite Jobs

We’ve helped 200 DCers hire for free and grow their team with access to our Remote Job Board with thousands of candidates.​

Global Events

Attend DC Austin in Austin, TX in April or DC BKK in Bangkok in October; our 2 largest annual events with nearly 300 entrepreneurs under one roof.


Join the Dynamite Circle

Global Events

The journey of entrepreneurship is one better undertaken with others who can guide, inspire, and accompany you, and we strongly believe in the magic that happens when intelligent entrepreneurs meet in person.

Since 2011, DCers have met and shared stories in over 100 cities all around the world, and every year, there are more opportunities to meet other members in person. From monthly, casual meetups organized by DCers, to large events with nearly 300 entrepreneurs.

DC Austin and DCBKK are annual events for DC members organized by our team in Austin, Texas and Bangkok, Thailand. Five jam-packed days full of masterminds, topic-based meetups, talks, workshops and great conversations.

In addition, there are smaller, more casual events hosted by DCers year-round called DCx events. These take place in different cities all over the world, from Taipei and Saigon to Lisbon and Budapest.

Get Connected Immediately

We want to make sure you’re able to jump into the community quickly and make the most of your DC membership. The people you see to the right are all members of our team, and we’re on hand to help you start gaining value from the DC immediately.

When you join the DC, we’ll personally pair you with a team member that can introduce you to DCers in your niche, share relevant threads, help you find a mastermind group, and explain different aspects of the community.

How to Join?

Fill Out The Application Form

Our application is just here to make sure that the DC is the right fit for you.

This process helps ensure that once you’re in the DC, you’re surrounded by other professional entrepreneurs who are growing real businesses.

Create Your Membership Subscription

We offer annual membership and quarterly membership options.

Committing to at least a year with the DC ensures you have enough time to take full advantage of the community and attend a few events. This also ensures that you can be confident that the entrepreneurs you’re meeting will be sticking around for a while

Hear Back From Our Application Committee

We’re proud to say that our application decisions are made by the community, not our team. Our application committee is made up of a handful of committed community leaders who care deeply about the DC.

You should expect to hear back from an application committee member within 48 hours, and they’ll get you all set up with your account and login details.

One More Thing, The DC is a Paid Membership & Private Community

DC Members pay either a quarterly ($147) or annual ($499) membership fee. This allows us to do things that other communities can’t do. We have full-time staff on hand, working around the year on exciting ways to bring DCers together.

From world-wide events to hand curated masterminds, DCers find that their membership is an investment that is returned multiple times over throughout the year.

If for some reason you change your mind after joining though, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your membership fee, no questions asked.

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