TMBA469: It’s No Good Having Ideas if They Don’t Bring You Results

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Dan and Ian have said for years on this podcast that the most important thing your business should be doing is solving people’s problems.

Today’s guest has taken that philosophy and ran with it.

Kean Graham is the founder of Monetize More, a monetization agency that helps online brands optimize their ad revenue. Monetize More is 100 people strong, and it’s safe to say that they lean into location independence. In fact, they consider it a key value in their company.

On today’s episode, we are going to explore the inside story of how Monetize More got started. You’ll also hear the strategies Kean has used to grow that business, some of which could be considered pretty controversial.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What kind of problems Monetize More solves for their customers. (2:48)
  • How Kean reacted when he got laid off from his job. (13:02)
  • The importance of being genuine in your work. (22:05)
  • Why Kean believes that entrepreneurs need to embrace the idea of location independence. (31:25)
  • The three main pillars of Monetize More’s company culture. (41:04)

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