TMBA512: What Happens When Your Product Gets Suspended By Amazon?

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Dan and Ian opened up on this podcast recently about a cease and desist letter that they received.

Today’s guest heard that episode and was compelled to share his own story about a similar legal battle.

Dylan Smith is the co-founder of Keg Smiths, a company that manufactures and sells mini beer kegs, and he has received his fair share of cease and desist letters in his entrepreneurial career.

Dylan joins us this week to share a riveting story about how a cease and desist letter led to his products being removed from Amazon, the ramifications of that experience, and how he was able to ultimately win out and get his products back on Amazon.

Make sure to stick around until the end of the podcast to hear this week’s Dynamite Deal, which includes a deep discount for legal services for entrepreneurs.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What happened when Keg Smiths received their cease and desist letter. (5:19)
  • Why their products got pulled from Amazon because of this legal dispute. (11:26)
  • How long and expensive the legal process was. (18:18)
  • What they did to get Amazon to re-instate their products. (25:36)
  • A Dynamite Deal on a service that will help you protect your intellectual property. (37:20)

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