TMBA519: Chasing Growth: What Happens When Your Business Burns You Out?

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We first spoke to Kevin Graham on this podcast two years ago in what ended up becoming a somewhat controversial episode about building generational wealth on Amazon.

Since then, it has become a sort of annual tradition for Kevin to return to the show and update us about his entrepreneurial journey.

Last year, he shared his thoughts on “The Helsinki Bus Theory” and his decision to start a web hosting business, which has since become Site Arrow.

Since we last spoke, Kevin had adopted a bold strategy of rapid growth, acquiring 9 different businesses in less than a year.

That plan ended up being more than he bargained for, though, and he found himself working long hours, getting into unhealthy habits, and ultimately feeling extremely burned out.

Kevin joins us today to talk about the perils of chasing growth, the steps that he’s taken to course-correct, and the three principles that he has adopted to avoid getting burned out in the future.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Some of the problems Kevin encountered acquiring businesses. (4:36)
  • The benefits of calmness as a business attribute. (9:12)
  • Why you don’t need to become a manager in your company. (16:32)
  • How a founder’s retreat helped give Kevin the clarity he needed to make positive change. (23:10)
  • Why you shouldn’t chase growth for growth’s sake. (28:51)

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