TMBA 644: When Your Lifestyle Business Can No Longer Support You

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One of the themes of this show has always been ‘learning by doing’, and evolving your businesses based on that. But what about when your circumstances change and, through necessity, that places different pressures on what you need to achieve?

Dan first met Dana Lindahl a decade ago when Dana was just starting out as a 21 year old copywriter, creating a decent amount for living in Bali.

In today’s episode he shares why feedback from that resulted in him starting Legendary Leadgen, plus how a move back to the US led him into the podcast industry with Legendary Podcasts, which has seen such rapid growth that it quickly showed up some of his personal challenges:

“I just had this sort of lifestyle agency, that was a good job for me, and I was happy there. And then all of a sudden, I was thrust into this situation where I needed to employ a level of skills that I hadn’t quite developed And that’s what I’m spending a lot of my time this year doing”. 

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The advantages of employing people globally
  • GDPR and how it affected Dana’ business
  • The issues with running a ‘labor heavy’ business
  • Why understanding ‘your financials’ is so empowering

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