TMBA614: The Lifestyle Ladder

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This week’s podcast is inspired by a blog post that we published back in 2014.

That post was titled “What is the Real Cost of the Permanent Travel Lifestyle?” and many of the points we touched on in that article are still being discussed by people in our community today.

One of those people is Jesse Schoberg.

Jesse is the co-founder and CEO of, and he is all too familiar with the challenges of bootstrapping his way up the “Lifestyle Ladder”.

Jesse joins us this week to share his thoughts on location arbitrage, financial freedom, and what he believes the “Lifestyle Ladder” of the permanent traveler looks like in 2021.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What the “Lifestyle Ladder” is and why it’s important. (4:20)
  • How being “broke” can be a good thing. (14:02)
  • What happens when you create a “financial platform”. (21:56)
  • The psychological challenges that come with achieving your dreams. (28:19)
  • What generational wealth really looks like. (41:36)

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