TMBA 248: The “Steak Dinner Problem” and Polyphasic Productivity

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This week, we’re talking about John Reineck‘s (@JohnReineck) “Steak Dinner Problem”, and how we interact with our clients. We had a great discussion with Taylor Pearson (@CTaylorMPearson) about it in the comments of our recent article about The Coconut Cash Conundrum. We’re gonna be sharing some advanced level strategies on how to handle this complex situation that entrepreneurs face when their business starts to dictate the orders. We’ll also talk about how to identify one thing that benefits your business and maximize your efforts during your most productive hours.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What to do to avoid taking orders from your business.
  • How to define rock solid and simple team communication SOPs.
  • Why you should only be interacting with six people.
  • Alternative ways to reach clients that are typically sold on “steak dinners”.
  • How to handle the fear of not letting a good opportunity pass you by.

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