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I started doing this a few years ago. I would email my favorite podcasters to let them know where I was reading, viewing, or listening to their stuff.

I just thought it was so cool to visualize the crazy connections that were being made. Anyway, I thought I’d make it a little more official with a page on the blog. I’ll start to take pictures of me as I’m going around as a little homage to some of my favorite podcasters/writers/crazy internet people.

If you’d like to submit yours, please email me! dan at tropical mba dot com. Doesn’t need to be a pic of you listening to our podcast, but that’s cool of course!

(NOTE: Our primary podcast used to be called “Lifestyle Business Podcast,” that’s why there are so many references below to it and “LBP.”)

#YeahBuddy !


Leroy wrote:  “having breakfast at McDs (borrowing some WIFI) listening to the TMBA podcast.”

20150214_124418 (2)

Hey Dan!

I’m a huge fan of your podcast and listen to it every week. Thanks for all the good info and tips you’ve given us over the years. I’ve attached a photo of me listening to the podcast while on my way to New York in my private jet. Feel free to post it to your listeners page.


listening to tmba podcast while hacking my job and starting my first website.

listening to tmba podcast while hacking my job and starting my first website.

"Jordan here. Awesome stuff at Hubud yesterday. Definitely great to see you in person and see that you are, indeed, walking the talk. Super valuable stuff... even thinking about blogging myself."

“Jordan here. Awesome stuff at Hubud yesterday. Definitely great to see you in person and see that you are, indeed, walking the talk. Super valuable stuff… even thinking about blogging myself.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 5.38.34 PM

Tropical MBA Podcast Listener

Hi Guys – Was very happy to have a back episodes to listen to at night after the power went out in our lodges while trekking on the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. I figured the terror/joy combo in my face from this picture coming down the steps of Huayna Picchu is eclipsed only by that of ramping up my business. Keep up the good work, Bryan –

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.20.38 AM

Thanks to you and Ian for the Lifestyle Business Podcast, I'm really enjoying it. I'm about half way through the back catalog and you guys keep offering a back-link for listener photos. Assuming this is still on offer, I've attached a photo of myself listening to the podcast in a home studio in Esperance, Australia. My main website is

Thanks to you and Ian for the Podcast, I’m really enjoying it.
I’m about half way through the back catalog… I’ve attached a photo of myself listening to the podcast in a home studio in Esperance, Australia. My main website is

Listener Bob says: "Quit my corporate gig last month. First stop is the UK… Here’s the TMBA rockin’ Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle)"

Listener Bob says: “Quit my corporate gig last month. First stop is the UK… Here’s the TMBA rockin’ Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle)”

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 4.22.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.01.38 AM


“Started listening to the show a few months ago.  Usually Iisten in my apartment after my 9 to 6 or sometimes, like in the picture, when I’m listening to you guys instead of studying for the GRE that I’m taking soon! I used to travel and be a vagabond myself but gave it up for the life I have now… thanks for doing the show, it’s great!” – Elizabeth


Liam from Riles Consulting writes:We’ve hired some 250cc motocross bikes and are now a few hours north of Phuket. Our accommodation is 300B a night and consists of a hut right on the beach. Yet it has a powerpoint and I have 3g reception so here I am creating value for my customers…

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.28.50 PM

My man Pete Hall flying business class in style!

“This was shot from my window seat at breakfast on Singapore Airlines biz class from LHR to SIN.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 6.21.42 PM



Finally met Mike Taber (@SingleFounder) from Start Ups For the Rest of Us at #MicroConf in Europe. Awesome guy. Love his show.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 8.04.00 AM

@Hutchisonline enjoying the Adwords episode.


Marc continues his epic entrepreneurial journey visiting such Linchpin’s as Che, Jim Morrison, and Batman :)


Listener Noah Everton representing and catching some DC threads while LBPing at new PunSpace coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand

My cat Meru is a big fan of the LBP

My cat Meru is a big fan of the LBP

Listener Josh Plotkin says “When he heard Ian saying that there are cats in the world who are unenthusiastic about being petted he got disturbed and tore the headphones out.”

James Tolf showing the LBP some love. Booyah!=

Travis Jamison listening to the LBP on the way back from the gym in Chiang Mai

Listener Greg V listening to the LBP in style

Jesse Lawler listening to the LBP as he scales one of those Guatemalan Volcanos

Melissa LBP listenin’ down under

Kyle Ligons of Daily Workout at Home and WOD at home doing muscle-ups while listening to the LBP.

James Schramko of the Freedom Ocean Podcast and SuperFastBusiness listening to the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Awesome-Sauce!

Elisa Rodriguez listening on the way to the Grand Canyon

The Lifestyle Business Podcast is a wealth of information. Even though I don’t keep up on the oversees jargon (as a health practitioner) or run in the same circles as these crazy cats, my business understanding has increased exponentially since becoming a regular listener of the LBP.

Alex Drysdale listening to the LBP and crusin’

LBP on OEM Auto Integration

Added your several of your podcast’s to my iPhone. Recent 12 hour drive to New York decided to give it a listen. Listened to them the entire rest of the drive. Updating some product info and product images. Keep up the good work.

Daman Bahner getting that tropical energy while doing some writing for

Yamile Yemoonyah of Creative Web Biz

DCer Yamile Yemoonyah listening from Colombia

Joe Hughes Rockin’ The LBP Startup Style

Just thought I’d send you a quick shot of my office for the night, of course while listening to the LBP while I work on my biz, The Dynamic Design Group. The rest of the house is a little too loud tonight!

Tristan King listening to the LBP #107 in Melbourne =)

Justin Gordon of Rails on Maui

Check out the pictures of my pad at I bought the land next to the beach in Maui in 2000, camped on it for a while, and now I’ve got a place that fits my family and many guests. I designed the place on my computer and supervised the construction.

Tanya and Andrew of MTB listening to LBP from LP to VV

This is us, Tanya and Andrew Davis of Magic Travel Blog fame listening to the LBP on a supposed VIP bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng at the start of April in 2012.

Listener Bob Malloy Sharing The LBP Message @ University of Montana at Missoula

I thought I’d do something to help you in your quest to build an ever improving, quality program. So I did some graffiti……….(sidewalk chalk ads) to spread the word about the LBP on the University of Montana campus in Missoula. In addition to this one, I chalked the business building and some other high traffic areas including the the oval which receives massive foot traffic on a daily basis. – Bob Malloy

Listener Benjamin Hoppe Proves The LBP Is Good For Your Health

The 5 mile bike ride doubled as I listened to the newest @tropicalmba podcast #couldntgetenoughBenjamin Hoppe on Twitter

Listener Sasmito Adibowo turning in from his commute in Singapore

I’m still working to cross the chasm, but starting slow with a number of Mac & iOS apps. That cable in the pic is a Sony Ericsson MW600 bluetooth headset+FM Radio combo.

“BOOYAH!!!!! ….. Ironic, a Coincidence, or a Sign?…”

Dan and Ian … So here is the deal…

On my daily commute to work, my lunch break, and during my commute home, I always listen to good stuff, like The Lifestyle Business Podcast. In fact, I just finished listening to all of the episodes. (Episode #51 on) On one of the most recent episodes that I listened to, it said if I sign up for the mailing list, that I would get the first 50 episodes for free! So I finally signed up, downloaded the first 50 episodes, and just put them on my iPod two days ago…

Today I am at Taco Bell for my lunch break from the 9 to 5 job that I HATE!!! Earlier in the day, I had already listened to episode 1 & 2 on the way to work. I pull up at Taco Bell and park my car, grab my iPod, and started playing episode #3 titled ” 10 Unexpected Benefits of Quitting Your Job”…

After placing my order, (I got the $2  lunch box, that is a taco, bag of Doritos, and a drink… just in case Ian was wondering how much money I was wasting) and then went over to fill my drink cup, get some napkins, and some taco sauce. And look what I picked up!.. (Picture below)

One could call it ironic, a coincidence, or a sign. I will just say, to me, that it is justification that I am on the right path!

Eric from Oregon

P.S. I look much better in shorts and a t-shirt. See you in Bali soon!

LBP is taking over…starting with Todd Giannattasio’s computer

I walked away from my computer for a few minutes today and the random screen saver came on, looks like the Lifestyle Business Podcast is the only thing in my iTunes these days. – Todd Giannattasio from Tresnic Media

Cary listening to the LBP in Honduras

Hey guys, My name is is Cary and I’m a lifestyle designer who listens to the podcast, follows the blog etc.  I’m currently living on a cruise ship, playing acoustic guitar.  I have my days free to explore the ports all over the world and work on my location independent business during the day, which is a wide array of affiliate, adsense, e-book sites.  Just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. I’ll be joining the DC as soon as I get back to the US.  I’m kind of halfway location independent because I still have to go where the ship goes. Currently in Honduras and all over the caribbean.


Gaurav listening to the LBP at the Java Depot in Solano Beach, San Diego

Tropical High School. #YeahBuddy!

Listener Brent Boutwell spotted a Tropical High School in Unganda and sent us the pics. Thanks!

Adrian Pletosu wishing Dan a happy birthday. Thanks!

David McKeegan swimming with dolphins

David from Greenback Expat Tax Services was listening to the podcast after swimming with the dolphins in Lovina.

Joseph Rooks listening to the Lifestyle Business Podcast

Bonus tip from Joseph: Look at my beard to see the one style that makes people on the street stop me to shake my hand.

Chris Ducker at VirtualStaffFinder HQ in Cebu City Philippines

Ha!!! Check out @ChrisCDucker at with a cheeky (is that what you guys say??!) pose… how this guy finds time to do anything anymore, I don’t know! :D

Landon in Costa Rica!

Check out listener Landon: “….Listening to 5 episodes a day to get up to speed from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica….”

Yeah buddy!

Dave Huss listening to EP#63 in Davao, Philippines

Dave Huss blogs at Phoenix Abroad and shows how he created a successful 4hww muse.

Patrick Hitches at Atlanta airport

Thanks for your photo! Patrick Hitches is listening to the podcast at Atlanta airport on his way to wrightsville beach, NC.

DamianThompson listening to the Lifestyle Business Podcast at Badladz Resort, Philippines

Thanks Damian! I’m sure you’re having a good time in the Philippines ;) Check out Damian’s website.

Listener Stuart overlooking Balutta Bay

Stuart listening to the LBP at Blue Lagoon, Malta

Balla! Malta looks awesome. Make sure to check out Stuart’s website at


Wow!!! So cool…

Yeah buddy! Wow! Thanks so much for the great pic Yamile. She currently runs It is high time we get some more ladies here! Where you at !!?

I had a min to take a pic while listening to your podcast while at my apartment in Shenzhen, China. That’s Hong Kong in the background, and a big ass pool below. Looking forward to your next podcast.

Thanks Chris! Super cool spot there we’ve been to Shenzhen a bunch of times. Looking forward to meeting you in the Philippines and thanks for listening to the show! [EDIT DAN: I met Chris this past weekend in Puerto Galera, Philippines… he was totally cool and legit… I learned a lot from him. Thanks a lot Chris!]

Listener Justin just launched a fitness membership site called “” Here’s Justin in Playa Del Carmen Mexico on his honeymoon/wedding “listening to your new podcast on the 4 hour work week!”

Just want to thank you Justin for making my week with your kind email. Great site and best of luck with your business!!!

Listener Eugene making a bucket list in Rome en route to Spain for a Career Break and New Life…

That’s Tim Conley rocking some earbuds in the Netherlands….

“[listening to] podcasts in Domburg, Netherlands, Beeyatchs!” hahahhaa balla! I’m guessing Tim is listening to Internet Business Mastery.

Listener Mark in Barcelona!

“I was listening to the announcement of the meme as i walked past an urban planning exposicion in Barcelona. I had just come from a session about setting up your business here, as thats what i’m doing (from Australia originally). You can see i am actually listening to the podcast while taking the photo! Cheers, Mark”

From listener Phil in Hong Kong!


David Hehenberger listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast in his apartment in Mukdahan, Isaan, Thailand. This dumbphone currently substitutes his lost iPhone.

Ian riding’ in San Diego….


That’s me, Foolish Adventure #42 was a good one…. here in Puerto Galera Philippines #sweet!

March 3rd, 2011 – Listening to EP36 of Start-ups for the Rest of Us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Heavily armed and listening from his police car.

Brian Cain heavily armed and listening from his police car.

BobbyBrown-small copy

Marc – Continuing his weekly-ish series of photos of listening to the LBP.

Josh Plotkin listening from Brazil!

Josh Plotkin listening from Brazil!

John listening to the LBP on the beach!

John listening to the LBP on the beach!

Dan listening to Foolish Adventure in his office, Banker’s Hill, San Diego, CA

Mark is off on a cross-country road trip - hopefully I'll see something good along the way!

Mark is off on a cross-country road trip – hopefully I’ll see something good along the way!

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