Live on a Tropical Island for Free – Semester 2 of the Tropical MBA Opens for Applications Next Week

Semester 1 of the Tropical MBA has been a great success so far. Here at the blog we are gaining lots readers too, thanks so much for dropping by and signing up for the mailing list. :)

The website that Sean, the recipient of the first Tropical MBA, is working on generated $1500 in revenue this past month! There’s been a lot of “softer” impacts as well– Sean helps on a wide range of sites and has great insights about our business– but there is nothing like cold hard revenue as an indication if somebody is paying for themselves.

Guys like Sean know how to create value for a company, and working with him has been a real pleasure. His blog has been on fire to boot, I’m loving Location 180.

Semester 2 of the Tropical MBA is going to be structured a little differently. That isn’t because we don’t believe in our 1st round model, in fact, Sean and I have talked seriously about doing something on it later this summer.

This time, we’ve got a much different and very special opportunity.

We’ll be offering one traveler, online entrepreneur, writer, artist, or somebody who is looking for an adventure, FREE lodging on a tropical island, FREE home-cooked meals, and FREE internet access for 3 months.

That person will also have FREE access to a luxury condo in Manila for 1 week out of every month (things can be quiet on a tropical island!). If things work out and you don’t go crazy in the tropics, we’ll be open to extending the deal to 6 months.

In addition to all this free stuff there’s a lot of other opportunities you’ll find I’m sure (just ask @Seanogle).

In return we’ll be asking for a small daily donation of work and insight into our personal web projects (something like 2-3 hours of help a day). The rest of your time will be totally yours! This is an ideal opportunity for somebody who needs time. This daily donation will also be a great opportunity to learn hands-on how we are utilizing the web to grow global businesses from our laptops. I think working together is a great way to learn.

I understand that this isn’t a great deal for everyone, and it’s not meant to be. For most people, this isn’t the way to go. But my hope is that there is someone out there for whom this kind of time-freedom and environment can be a huge opportunity.

All this is made possible by one of my best new friends I’ve met here in the Philippines, Sean, the owner of Badladz Resort, and fellow lifestyle entrepreneur.

Aside from owning the resort (nowadays he only makes it down there every quarter or so), Sean works as a jet-set executive in the largest scuba dive supply company here in the Philippines. He pretty much knows everyone in the diving industry in this country, and he literally does run a global business from his laptop (Not just a tagline!). In fact I met Sean while we were both traveling and working on our 3G wireless FOBS in a cafe on the island of Negros. Good times! We call his cell phone “the Philippines remote control” because of all the things Sean can get accomplished with just a couple text messages.

Sean is also an experienced deep water diver and treasure hunter (yeah, they actually exist) and one of the projects the candidate will be working on is Sean’s new treasure hunting website. Sean is connected in the diving industries at the highest level– he’s even met with the President of the Philippines about diving related projects. You can see a little bit more about Sean by visiting his Youtube page. I’ve tried to convince him to start a TV program called “Ask a Pirate Anything.” :)

We have a lot of fun projects planned, most of them blogging and social media related. Not a lot of revenue generating stuff as of yet, so in that sense this is much more of a lifestyle opportunity from the perspective of the work the candidate will be doing– that said, there aren’t two guys in the Philippines who like to talk business more than Sean and myself, so if you are in to the hustle, you’ll have allies.

Below is a quick video I took while taking an 11K walk with Sean around the beautiful island of Mindoro here in the Philippines. This vista is par for the course on this great island.

By next week we’ll have the specifics of the deal hashed out and we’ll be presenting it to the public. If you have any friends who are looking for an opportunity to extend their travels, work on a creative project, launch a business, or take an adventure, please do us a favor and let them know about the Tropical MBA program.

If you have any specific issues you’d like us to address in the offer, please let me know in the comments below. Keeping things public will allow everyone to benefit from the answers.