TMBA 163 (LBP140) – The Location Independence Imperative

Dan and Ian are dividing and conquering for the next few weeks but don’t shed a tear, the separation is only temporary.  Ian’s off to Tokyo for sushi while Dan’s swinging through the Philippines to check up on some business and meet up with entrepreneurs.  This shows the beauty of operating location independent businesses which is the main topic of this week’s episode.

They boys delve into an interesting conversation on the location independent movement and why it’s not just a fad.  You’ll hear some pretty powerful stuff this week from getting inspired by strangeness to cities losing their value in the modern world. Plug in, sit back and grab yourself a cup of coffee since this week will no doubt leave you reflecting on the merits of location independence.

Oh the Places We’ll Go…

  • How changing your success script opens infinite doors in lifestyle businesses.
  • Why today’s cities are no longer the greatest human achievement – and what has replaced it.
  • Being rich vs. being wealthy and why one is much more practical.
  • Dan’s number one strategy for removing yourself from your business.
  • The value location independent businesses offer that brick and mortars can’t touch.


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Episode length: 28:34

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