TMBA335: The Long View on Location Independence

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Over the past six years Dan and Ian have used this podcast to discuss different aspects of location-independent entrepreneurship. During that time the movement, and the number of those creating lifestyle businesses, has grown. Many more people have seized the opportunity to travel, live in different parts of the world and have greater control over how they spend their time and energy.

Relatively few, though, have talked openly and online about the challenges and downsides of being, what some call, ‘a digital nomad’. However, two respected writers have spoken out.

Mark Manson and Stacey Herbert have both traveled the world as location independent entrepreneurs, only recently putting down roots for the first time in years. In this episode, you’ll hear them share their thoughts about some of the issues that those pursuing long-term location-independent lifestyles face.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Mark and Stacey decided to write about the “dark side” of digital nomadism. (5:20)
  • What it means to be a “Digital Refugee”. (16:00)
  • Why men seem to make up the majority of digital nomads. (25:05)
  • What made Mark and Stacey decide to put their roots down. (29:40)
  • What direction they believe the location-independent community is going in now. (33:17)

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