TMBA622: Mailbag: How Do You Stay Motivated After You Succeed?

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We are once again reaching into the mailbag this week to answer questions from the Tropical MBA audience.

We’ll be answering questions that our listeners have submitted on a broad range of topics, including how to stay motivated after your business has met your goals, and how you can better your chances of being selected as a speaker at a conference or a podcast guest.

You’ll also hear some news updates about our own businesses, our crypto portfolio, and a whole lot more.

Finally, if you are interested in attending our holiday party in Austin, TX this December, email [email protected] for more details.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying your success. (6:16)
  • Ways to keep yourself moving forward when you don’t feel motivated. (11:05)
  • Tips for getting yourself booked on a conference or a podcast. (16:38)
  • Where people go wrong when trying to get booked. (21:04)
  • What our crypto portfolios look like today. (26:46)

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