TMBA445: Finding Your Tribe

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Today’s show is all about seizing opportunities to find your tribe.

Last year, Dan and Ian invited Greg Gerber, who is a member of our community ‘The Dynamite Circle’, on to the show to talk about a trip he gifted an up-and-coming entrepreneur to our annual event in Bangkok, DCBKK.

And this idea of “paying it forward” has really taken off in the community since then.

At our recent event in Austin, TX, Meryl Johnston offered two free tickets on behalf of her company, Bean Ninjas. Dan and Ian then contributed a few free tickets of their own. Others offered airfares, coaching, travel bags and more.

On today’s podcast, you’ll hear from a recipient of one of those gifted tickets.

Jen Anderson is the founder of Mai-Tie, a company that makes unique, fashionable bowties out of vintage Hawaiian shirts. While her business is still in its infancy, she has a huge amount of experience in the startup world, and some interesting insights into that as well.

This is the story of what it means to find your people.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Jen originally started working in the startup space. (5:52)
  • What was holding Jen back from leaving her job sooner. (11:23)
  • How Jen first heard about the giveaway in the community and how she applied. (17:26)
  • What Jen’s experience at the conference was like. (19:50)
  • Jen’s thoughts on the mastermind process. (23:42)

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