TMBA 146 (LBP128) – Manipulating the Success Script

Dan’s still in Bali grinding out his first book while Ian’s back in San Diego working on taking the product business to the next level.

Inspired by a talk Cal Newport gave, Dan and Ian reveal that the script to success, however you define it. While success is something each person decides on, there is a script that everyone can follow to get themselves there. With all the talk in the blogosphere about “passion,” the true story about achieving success and happiness seems to be a little more complex.

Manipulating the Success Script

  • Why planning without life experience is a recipe for failure.
  • Why what you’re doing has little to do with your happiness.
  • How to choose a skill that will lead to long term happiness and fulfillment.
  • The Success Pattern.
  • The true value of mentorship.
  • How to avoid “golden handcuffs” in your entrepreneurial journey.


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Episode length: 24:48


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