TMBA528: The Brenwall Code

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Last week, we spoke to Mark Brenwall about why he left his job in San Francisco to move to Asia and start WOD Nation, an Amazon FBA business that sells CrossFit products.

Today’s podcast is the conclusion of that interview and in it, we speak specifically about Mark’s entrepreneurial “code”.

In this conversation, Mark shares some of his unorthodox business philosophies, as well as some specific insights into the Amazon FBA platform, and why he almost decided to sell his business last year.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Mark’s thoughts about starting an Amazon FBA business today. (2:15)
  • Some of Mark’s unique business philosophies. (10:30)
  • Why Mark doesn’t read business books. (17:52)
  • Mark’s struggles with selling his business and why he ultimately decided not to do it. (22:40)
  • Why who you are is more important than how you make your money. (32:53)


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