TMBA285: So You’ve Got Some Time and Location Freedom, What’s Next?

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In a nice bit of serendipity, I was in Singapore last week and I ran into my friend John McIntyre. John is The Autoresponder Guy, but today he didn’t want to talk about email marketing or autoresponders. We got to talking about what you do when you’ve gotten through those first few years of running a business and you’ve reached a certain level of comfort. How do you choose to live once you own your own time? We’ll also talk about John’s experience scaling in year three of a productized service business, and what you can get out of living in Chaing Mai.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Some common misconceptions about being location independent.
  • Why doing less work doesn’t always make you more happy.
  • How John and I met and how he started his productized service business.
  • What happened when John’s business lost 75% of its monthly revenue.
  • The benefits of baselining your expenses by living in a place like Chaing Mai.
  • What to do after you’ve scaled your business.

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