TMBA453: What’s The First Step To Becoming an Entrepreneur?

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This week, Dan and Ian are talking about the very first step to creating a lifestyle business.

Contrary to popular belief, that is not quitting your job or coming up with a business idea.

It begins with your personal finances. We’re talking about treating your bank account, your spending and your earning like a business.

A few weeks ago, we spoke about the cult of early retirement, or what has commonly been referred to on the internet as the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community.

In that episode, we explored the differences between early retirement seekers and entrepreneurs.

Today’s guests are proof positive that these communities actually have quite a bit in common, and that they might even exist as two sides of the same coin.

Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung are bloggers at, and they both retired in their thirties. As their blog name suggests, they are millennials and quite a lot younger than other prominent figures the FIRE space.

In this episode, we speak to Kristy and Bryce about their investment strategy, how they survived the crash of 2008, the common mistakes that people make with financial planning, and a whole lot more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Bryce and Kristy were able to retire in their thirties with a million dollar portfolio. (6:38)
  • Why they felt compelled to write about financial independence. (14:19)
  • How they respond to critics in the community that don’t agree with their entrepreneurial endeavors. (27:34)
  • The biggest barriers to entry in the FIRE space. (35:32)
  • Why people who have experienced poverty tend to be successful in early retirement. (43:45)

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