TMBA619: Does Your Business Need an “Operating System”?

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In last week’s podcast, Carrie McKeegan shared how she has been using author Gino Wickman’s EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to help her grow and manage her team.

This week, we’re diving deeper into the topic by speaking with an entrepreneur who has developed their own customized version of the very same system with impressive results.

Neel Parekh is the founder of MaidThis, a business that offers cleaning services for residential homes and AirBNB rentals.

Neel joins us today to discuss why he chose to use the EOS system in MaidThis, the steps he has taken to implement it, and how smaller businesses can utilize a “Lite” version of EOS to help manage their teams.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What MaidThis looks like behind the scenes. (3:55)
  • Why it’s important to have the right people in the right “seats” in your business. (17:54)
  • How EOS can help you achieve short and long-term goals. (29:01)
  • Which parts of the EOS system were the hardest to implement. (41:40)
  • How long it actually takes to implement EOS. (48:33)

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