TMBA 125 (LBP112) – The Importance Of Niche Flexibility And Finding The Real Reasons People Are Successful

Dan is all about the public peer pressure on Ian. Getting him to sign up for email lists. Getting him to go to NYC with him in September. Getting him to divulge his espionage trade secrets in a future episode. What else is this podcast gonna get Ian into?!

This week the guys are slowly making their way to meeting up with each other in Saigon for a couple weeks before the next Tropical MBA session in the Philippines in August. As they work on getting back in the same space, they discuss the various niches and products they have pursued over the years (they edited out the 30 minutes of feisty heated discussion in circles) and how they decided to pursue them.

What Are The Most Important Things To Consider In Niche Selection?

  • Get Off The Mediocre Niches – Take your process and put that into another niche and see how that plays there
  • Internal Value vs. External Value – What am I passionate about? What do I want to do? What will make ME happy? VS What is important to the market?
  • Find Work That Is A Calling – Not A Niche That’s A Calling – Love the process of your work not necessarily the topic of it
  • Interest Vs. Skills – Can’t acquire a skill set from being interested in something – and people don’t pay for interests
  • The Teacher Trap – Don’t fall victim to the “Those Who Can’t Do – Teach” mindset
  • Find The Real Reasons People Are Successful Online – Watch Don’t Listen (Hint – A big part of it is Unique Timing)
Also, Ian is doling out some sage email advice wisdom. When the CEO speaks with such authority, it is best that you listen!

Joe Hughes Rockin’ The LBP Startup Style

Listener Questions

  • Just thought I’d send you a quick shot of my office for the night, of course while listening to the LBP while I work.  Rocking start up style over here, since the rest of the house is a little too loud tonight!  Gotta make it happen, right?! – Joe Hughes (The Dynamic Design Group)
  • It would be cool to hear how you and Ian analyze markets. For example, how did you decide on selling cat products? Was it market size, product ideas, easily accessible customer base? – Nick



Just The Tips

    • Know Your Number – Divide your annual income 2080 (Billable working hours in a year)
        • Are you creating value and wealth? Or are you just spending money to feel good?
    • The Sound Of Settling by Deathcab For Cutie

Have fun. Leave a comment. Send us a voicemail message! Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 23:00


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