TMBA279: Can Your Mastermind Offer Insurance Against Failure?

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Today’s episode is all about facilitating high level masterminds, and nobody does it better than Taylor Pearson. It can be hard to figure out what it takes to succeed. Masterminds put you in a position to surround yourself with people who have common goals and will not allow you to fail. This is old school block-and-tackle business strategy. We’re talking about what is important to consider when structuring a mastermind, what we would consider to be an ideal mastermind group, and some of the most useful tools for organizing an effective mastermind group.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The two major benefits of being a part of a great mastermind.
  • Some success stories from the groups that Taylor has spearheaded.
  • Why you should be working with people who share the same set of business values.
  • The ideal size, frequency, and logistics of a successful mastermind.
  • The three biggest mistakes that mastermind CEOs make.
  • Tips for onboarding new members and getting rid of bad ones.

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