TMBA 675: The Art of Personal Blogging Redux

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There are big changes in the wind at Twitter, with Elon Musk suggesting he might further open the platform to longer form pieces, and also paid content. Will this create greater opportunities for those with established blogs, or looking to start one?

On today’s show we revisit a favorite episode from our back catalogue focused on personal blogging and what it means to write on the internet. And to help tell this story, which is close to his heart, Dan invited two writers who both have a long and rich experience in the blogging space.

Taylor Pearson has been a frequent guest and contributor on this podcast. He is the author of The End of Jobs, and he runs an excellent blog on his website.

Amanda Cook is an author, a podcaster, herbalist, and the founder of a business called Wellpreneur. Over the years, she has published online about a wide variety of projects, but the one consistent thing is that she’s always had an excellent blog, which you can find at

Join us for this round table discussion about the past and future of blogging on the internet, tips for those starting out with a personal blog, some of our favorite blogs to read today, and so much more.

Listen and Learn:

  • Examples of several different types of successful blog posts.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes that Taylor and Amanda have made over the years.
  • Why you might not always know who your audience is.
  • Advice for people who are considering starting a blog today.

Mentioned in the episode:

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