TMBA 185 (LBP153) – 10 Potent Quotables From DC BER Speakers

Dan and Ian come at you this week from Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, Vietnam with the highlights from the DC Berlin Meetup last week.  There were some absolute rockstar speakers at the event and the energy and excitement were electric.

With topics ranging from smart drugs and focus optimization to SEO and ecommerce best practices, the event was jam packed with incredible people and information.  This week’s podcast brings you the top ten quotables and topics of discussion that are exactly what you need to reset your mental framework and fuel your entrepreneurial jet.

Enter the Dojo

  • Cam Collins’ concept of an entrepreneur and why you might not even be one right now.
  • Simon Payne’s view of why the best employees hire you, not the other way around.
  • Dan Taylor’s approach to building your entrepreneurial momentum through selling businesses.
  • Jesse Lawler’s evidence that you might be working at the equivalent of .1 BAC.
  • Andrew Youdarian’s experience in ecommerce which emphasizes customer relationships over store design.


Just The Tips

  • Google Docs as a WIKI
    ◦    Revision history.
    ◦    Update alerts w/email.
    ◦    Inline comments w/alerts.
The Jam
  • Get Lucky” – with Michael Jackson edits
Get Your Voice On The LBP

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Episode length: 26:10

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